-50 percent deposit due at time of booking. Remaining rental fees due on rental day and fees for additional time that was not billed during the initial booking will be due at the end of the rental period

-Rental time begins promptly at the prescribed starting time and ends promptly at the prescribed ending time, regardless if renter and/or renter’s party is late***

- Rental time includes load-in, setup, tear down and cleaning. The studio must be cleaned and vacated by the scheduled end time and no later, please consider this when booking your rental


- No smoking

- No loud music

- No pets allowed without prior consent

- All small and/or hard to clean material (confetti, hair cutting, feathers, food products, body paint, etc.) require approval from company representative. $50 minimum cleaning fee required, additional charges my apply depending on studio condition at wrap

- Maximum of 6 people in the studio at one time.

studio equipment

- Studio lighting will be provided upon request, at no additional cost

- Renter is responsible for studio lighting setup and tear down

- You must bring your own props and backdrops. I do not supply either (so as to maintain our separate creative directions, as I am also a photographer). Please do NOT use the props that are in the studio

- You may use any seating or chairs that are in the studio as props

agree to our terms

Prior to accepting and approving your booking, you must accept our terms which will be emailed to you.


$125 - 5 Hour Time Block

A 5 hour block of time that you can use anytime the studio is free (subject to approval). Must be used within a 3 month period, or the time is forfeited. Lighting kit included

$30 - Hourly

$30 per hour, 2 hour minimum 

All extra time will be billed after your booking.  Lighting kit included (2 AD200's, softbox and trigger. Alienbees are available upon request)