who is tiare rush?

I am a professional photographer from Hilo, Hawaii. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing, and a Master's in Management and Leadership. I opened her home studio in Gardena, CA i n 2019, to be closer to my husband Jordan and 3-year-old daughter Tehani. I look forward to creating new memories for you and with you!


I first fell in love with photography in 2006 after my friend handed me the first DSLR camera I’d ever seen. It really was love at first click! Soon after, I launched a studio of my own. In honor of the friend who sparked my career, I used his nickname for me, Coldpiece, as the original name of my studio- Coldpiece Photography. It stuck until 2018, when I rebranded as Tiare Rush Photo and Rush Studio. 

In my studio’s earliest years, I sought out mentorships from some of the top photographers in the country, and their guidance helped me to master my newfound passion. Since then, my photos have appeared in magazines including Munaluchi Bridal, Alwayz Therro Magazine, and Horizon Magazine, across the covers of numerous books and albums, and even on a billboard!

Today, I specialize in portraits and family photography, and I am branching into maternity and baby milestones as well. As a parent, I know firsthand how quickly those special moments go by. It’s a privilege to help families capture those memories with beautiful photos they can keep forever. I also offer personal branding imagery through my sister company, Rush Studio.


My sets can range from minimalist to elaborate, depending on your needs,I aim to highlight the best features of you and your family with my signature vibrant colors and masterful lighting techniques. 

While composition and lighting are crucial, the ultimate goal of each shoot is to transform my client’s vision for their business and their brand into reality. When you give me your vision for your family's memories, I listen! We will work together to ensure you get everything that you need. My approach is relaxed and goes with the flow, so the focus remains on you from start to finish. 

Photography is personal. Your brand is personal. My goal as your photographer is to deliver both a memorable experience and profitable photography you genuinely love. Our work together should elevate your brand. I LIVE for seeing you smile when you see what we have captured, there is nothing more satisfying than hearing a client say “That’s IT!”.

Have a unique photoshoot or special location in mind? Let’s talk! Reach out with any questions or requests here, and I’ll do my best to help.




My studio is a dedicated space in my home, away from our main living areas. It's small, and nothing fancy but many if not all of my studio images that you see here on my website were created right here. I am fully equipped to handle your project from start to finish.